Tuesday 31 March 2015

A magnificent initiative: Digital India

A new world is often born with a brilliant vision and idea,
I salute the magnificent initiative called Digital India.

The Indian government is all set to lessen the distance
Between the government departments and the Indian citizens.

It is great that intricate paperwork would be reduced,
Electronic government services would be evenly distributed.

Rural areas would be impregnated with internet,
Possibilities of development would be infinite.

The world of Digital India would have three major clusters,
Creation of digital infrastructure would definitely spread cheers.

Delivering services digitally is indeed a wise plan,
Digital literacy would empower every man and woman.

Digital India has the support of several companies like Intel,
Social media and E-commerce sites also promise to assist the progress of this initiative well.

With such incredible support and hope of millions,
The land called Digital India cannot be a bare dream languishing in people's eyes.

It’s true that greater the initiative, tougher its challenges;
But the Indian government is ready to strike the perfect balance.

With strong cyber security and tough cyber laws,
The Indian government would be able to tackle all the adversities.

With right backing of technologies like cloud, analytics and mobility,
The government would be able to provide every facility.

Digital India is not a mere programme, it is a powerful dream
To transform India into a connected knowledge economy with empowered citizens.

Education and healthcare would be highly boosted,
Through a few mouse clicks, world class services would be obtained.

Diagnosis of diseases can be easily done online,
Online open courses providing education would seem like rays of sunshine.

It is a great way to eradicate ignorance and illiteracy.
Digital India promises more jobs and higher productivity.

A digital empowered society would make India a leader,
Banking services and getting education would be easier.

High speed internet would be every citizen’s birthright,
Digital resources and digital literacy would make people’s life shine bright.

With fingers crossed and hope in heart,
Like all Indians, I am looking forward to the programme to start.

With open arms, I'm waiting for embracing
The land of Digital India by 2019!

 P.S. This poem is written for the government's vision to create the #DigitalIndia which is totally supported by Intel.

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  1. The poem is fantastic Purba...and summaries the Digital Initiative so well :)

    1. Thank you so much, Shweta. Glad you liked it :)


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