Sunday 4 January 2015

The thing between simple and complex!

Sometimes the human mind cannot fathom why some people walk into our lives out of the blue, imprint our lives with deep-seated wisdom and then walk away again into the oblivion. When a person arrives in our life, he must carry a placard with him containing the date when he would leave. Wouldn’t life be free from the unwanted collection of mess then? 

The chill wind of January caressed Neha coarsely, hindering her deep contemplation. The coarse wind dried the few specks of tear that lingered beneath her puffy eyes. If everything would have gone right between her and Aditya, then they would have met today, on the 3rd of January but fate was not that benevolent to her.

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And honestly, she doesn’t blame him. Perhaps, he was too good for her. Perhaps, his simplicity was too good for her complex nature. He knew what he wanted. He wanted her. And she was confused, as always. Getting trapped inside the lanes of dilemma has always been her pattern, albeit a problematic pattern. Her always remaining in quandary became a creeping predator in her own life.
“You love me, right?” He had asked him on the day they had last talked on the phone.

“I need time, Aditya. I feel what we have between us is nothing more than fascination.
 We are so much opposite to each other that a magnetic pull works between us.” She had said.

“I can’t believe this. Yesterday, you told that we love each other so much and today the thing between us seems like a game of fascination to you.” He had said with a bruised tone. 

She had kept quiet and after the two minutes of excruciating silence, she had heard him heaving a sigh.

“I am not interested in playing games. I understood that you don’t love me and I believe that we should respect each other’s space. I would always admire your free-spirited nature. Have a good life, Neha.”

The arduous beep of the call getting disconnected still had the power to agonize her today. She repented not stopping him that day from disconnecting the phone or telling him how much she loved him. Her own fears and insecurities made her deceive herself. 

When she tried calling him after about twelve hours that day, his number was unreachable. It’s been five days and she had not heard from him anymore. She was so used to losing the people she had loved in her life that this incident made her numb and deadpan. 

The coffee tripped from her hand, messing her black jeans as she reminisced about that day and the bitter feeling of losing Aditya forever. The hot coffee was burning her skin beneath her jeans and yet she was trembling because of the piercing cold wind. Right at that harrowing moment, her phone rang. The name Aditya flashed on her phone. It made her smile effortlessly and she forgot everything that existed in the world. It was the first time she smiled in the last five days.

“Hello!” She said apprehensively.

“I am at the airport. How long will it take for you to reach here?” 


“Did you forget the date? We were supposed to meet today.”

“I thought you won’t speak to me again.” 

“The journey of four months with you has been so enriching and interesting that I couldn’t afford losing you. I am a simple person and I know what I want. So I am here.”

“Just give me an hour.”

“Hurry up. If you don’t reach within an hour, I will be gone.”

Neha laughed heartily as tears of happiness escaped her eyes. She changed her clothes hurriedly with that smile plastered on her face. With unrestrained joy, she rushed to the airport to meet the love of her life.

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  1. The story kept me engrossed till the end. The characters are so real. Love the heading. :-) :D

  2. Thank you so much Gaurab! So glad that you liked it :)

  3. nice story di :) keep writing :)

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  5. I find resonance of the same everywhere.Good read indeed!!!


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