Thursday 25 December 2014

Oh dear Mr. Stubble! You don't look cool at all.

It's really amusing how some guys think that keeping few weeks’ old stubble makes them a chick magnet. They feel that they look attractive and mysterious with that stubble. Though I prefer clean-shaved men, men with a few days old stubble are also acceptable. However a full grown beard looks ugly. Not only do guys look rough and arrogant but also it is so unhygienic to go for days without shaving. Guys also look so older and aggressive with a full-grown thick beard.  You can't blame these guys totally as Bollywood has always portrayed actors as extremely hot and attractive with that beard, be it Ranbir Kapoor in “Sadda Haq” song, Ranveer Singh in Ramleela etc. 

This topic reminds me of a funny incident in my college days. Our college had a famous band, in which the lead singer had hair till his nape and I had never seen him clean-shaved even once.  Though he had attractive eyes and an enviable voice, his beard and long hair always made me feel that he is so aggressive. However, there were plenty of girls in our college who were diehard fan of that guy.  One day, he proposed my friend in the college stage at the end of his performance. He asked her to come in the stage to give the answer. Everyone cheered for my friend and the lead singer. My friend was aghast and didn’t know how to react. She was embarrassed beyond limits but still managed to walk to the stage with a calm demeanor. She took the microphone and politely announced that she is committed. The lead singer’s face fell flat at that harsh rejection.

Later I asked my friend, “Why did you lie? You are not committed. And you always seemed to be very fond of that guy. You kept telling me that day how his voice hypnotizes you.”

She smiled at me and said, “Yes, I like him. But, have you seen that thick unhygienic beard of his? It gives me the creeps. Unless he gets rid of his beard, I can’t even give his proposal a thought.”

My friend’s reply literally made me roll into the floor laughing. Later, she had sent him a letter with the subject: “Oh dear Mr. Stubble! You don’t look cool at all.” 

However, the sad part was that the lead singer didn’t get her sarcasm in the letter and so he never got rid of that annoying beard. However, this incident at least provided us with a lot of laughter.

I am sure so many guys must have faced rejections just because of their stubble. Guys must accept this fact that 80% of the girls love clean-shaved men as they look charming and tidy. And the guys who have been blessed with dimples, I don't see any point when they conceal it behind a beard. Can anyone kindly explain?

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